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what is somewhere records?...

'Somewhere Records has taken my love for music and enriched it with opportunities and insights into the real world of the creative industry'

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somewhere > records is an independent record label based in Leicestershire, England. Founded in 2017 at Brickwork Studios in Market Harborough, somewhere > records exists to support and promote original new music.

Led by a team of music industry professionals and supported by a passionate network of artists, musicians and creatives, somewhere > records is an innovative, not-for-profit record label with a simple goal ... to make good music with good people.

Because we're not-for-profit, all of the money you spend on our releases goes directly to supporting the artists and the label.

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meet the team


Martin Whiteman

With a background in the music industry, Martin brings his professional knowledge to direct somewhere records towards his goal of creating a 'self-sustaining label' that acts as a 'springboard for emerging artists to go on to do bigger and better things'. Martin is a recording engineer on the label and a key co-ordinator of our project. He loves the satisfaction of hearing a rough diamond at the A&R stage turn into a great mix and hearing all our hard work pay off.


Mike Heaps

Mike is a multi-instrumentalist and qualified Music Educator (CET/AET/DET), bringing together a lifelong passion for music and many years of songwriting and performing experience to oversee somewhere records. He shares his colleagues' desire to see somewhere records create a community for all kinds of musicians to do what they love professionally. 


Martyn Storey

Martyn is a talented musician who loves to get involved in the creativity with recording and mixing, but he also has a big role behind the scenes as the head of the release team and part of our admin staff. He sees somewhere records as an accessible platform for artists to share their music, and where Martin Whiteman loves hearing the result of a great track, Martyn Storey enjoys the process of realising a song - that 'click' moment where everything falls into place.

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