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This 8-track vinyl hosts Somewhere Records' top 2022 releases, ranging across a variety of genres from indie to emo-trap, blues to pop-punk. 


Track List:

1. Young Romance - Ione Banks

2. Wednesday - Throw Like A Girl! 

3. Honey Farouk - The Original Clichés

4. Wasted - Jimmy Koltrane 

5. Cleaner Air - Lottie Timson

6. Middleman - Hubcap

7. Ache - Nerve Food

8. Solar Satchel - Direct Injection

2022 Sampler Vinyl

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 12" Vinyl in Orange Somewhere Records Folding Case 

  • Somewhere Records is based in Market Harborough at Brickworks Studios, Symington's Recreation Ground, St. Mary's Road, LE16 7DS. Pick-up is available free of charge. International shipping: £

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