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Ione Banks

Rock artist Ione Banks made her debut with Somewhere Records on bright bubblegum pop-punk single 'Young Romance', the predecessor for her rock album due Summer of 2023. It was shortly followed by a track Banks says is more representative of the diverse album, 'Bury Me' with its metal elements and catchy lyrics. Though rock remains Ione's focus, she continues to release the ballads featured on her first EP R.A.R.E. from 2021 to satisfy a TikTok following entranced by her narrative writing, as seen in second EP M.Y.T.H from 2023. 

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Banks enjoys collaborative work with her contemporaries at Somewhere Records, first featuring on Jimmy Koltrane's 'Pictures of You' from his debut album Ready To Die. The single's success lead to the co-production of 'End In Flames', the duo's latest collaborative release.

Ione also joins us on her upcoming episode of Somewhere Sessions, our brand new series! Banks is the second artist to feature on the Youtube series where we receive live performances from the musicians and an interview between tracks, presenting the opportunity to not only get to know the artists' music unplugged and unfiltered, but the person behind the music, too.

Ione Banks is a developing lyricist and vocalist, specialising in Pop-Rock and narrative ballads. For business enquiries to collaborate with or contact Banks, fill out the form on the home page or message her through the socials below 

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